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Del-Valle-Anton, L.* et al.: Multiple parallel cell lineages in the developing mammalian cerebral cortex. Sci. Adv. 10:eadn9998 (2024)
Delgadillo-Silva, L.F. et al.: Optogenetic β cell interrogation in vivo reveals a functional hierarchy directing the Ca2+ response to glucose supported by vitamin B6. Sci. Adv. 10:eado4513 (2024)
Giusti, S.A.* et al.: A brain-enriched circular RNA controls excitatory neurotransmission and restricts sensitivity to aversive stimuli. Sci. Adv. 10:eadj8769 (2024)
Ludzki, A.C.* et al.: Transcriptional determinants of lipid mobilization in human adipocytes. Sci. Adv. 10:eadi2689 (2024)
Vecchio, F.* et al.: Coxsackievirus infection induces direct pancreatic β cell killing but poor antiviral CD8+ T cell responses. Sci. Adv. 10:eadl1122 (2024)
von Mässenhausen, A.* et al.: Treatment with siRNAs is commonly associated with GPX4 up-regulation and target knockdown-independent sensitization to ferroptosis. Sci. Adv. 10:eadk7329 (2024)
Yuan, T. ; Riobo, L. ; Gasparin, F. ; Ntziachristos, V. & Pleitez, M.A.: Phase-shifting optothermal microscopy enables live-cell mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging of large cell populations at high confluency. Sci. Adv. 10:eadj7944 (2024)
Bartos, L.M.* et al.: Deciphering sources of PET signals in the tumor microenvironment of glioblastoma at cellular resolution. Sci. Adv. 9:eadi8986 (2023)
Haueise, T. et al.: Analysis of volume and topography of adipose tissue in the trunk: Results of MRI of 11,141 participants in the German National Cohort. Sci. Adv. 9:eadd0433 (2023)
Hildenbrand, K.* et al.: Human interleukin-12α and EBI3 are cytokines with anti-inflammatory functions. Sci. Adv. 9:eadg6874 (2023)
Kos, A.* et al.: Early life adversity shapes social subordination and cell type-specific transcriptomic patterning in the ventral hippocampus. Sci. Adv. 9:eadj3793 (2023)
Lendner, J.D.* et al.: Human REM sleep recalibrates neural activity in support of memory formation. Sci. Adv. 9:eadj1895 (2023)
Mikryukov, V.* et al.: Connecting the multiple dimensions of global soil fungal diversity. Sci. Adv. 9:eadj8016 (2023)
Patterson, V.* et al.: Abrogation of MAP4K4 protein function causes congenital anomalies in humans and zebrafish. Sci. Adv. 9:eade0631 (2023)
Pham, T.C.P.* et al.: TNIK is a conserved regulator of glucose and lipid metabolism in obesity. Sci. Adv. 9:eadf7119 (2023)
Rejeski, K.* et al.: Severe hematotoxicity after CD19 CAR-T therapy is associated with suppressive immune dysregulation and limited CAR-T expansion. Sci. Adv. 9:eadg3919 (2023)
Schmitt-Kopplin, P. et al.: Complex carbonaceous matter in Tissint martian meteorites give insights into the diversity of organic geochemistry on Mars. Sci. Adv. 9:eadd6439 (2023)
Vornholz, L.* et al.: Synthetic enforcement of STING signaling in cancer cells appropriates the immune microenvironment for checkpoint inhibitor therapy. Sci. Adv. 9:eadd8564 (2023)
Witt, A.* et al.: Fatty acid desaturase 2 determines the lipidomic landscape and steroidogenic function of the adrenal gland. Sci. Adv. 9:eadf6710 (2023)
Chang, S.* et al.: Tripartite extended amygdala-basal ganglia CRH circuit drives locomotor activation and avoidance behavior. Sci. Adv. 8:eabo1023 (2022)