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Gloyn, A.L.* et al.: Author Correction: Every islet matters: Improving the impact of human islet research. Nat. Metab., DOI: 10.1038/s42255-024-01091-y (2024)
Grandl, G. et al.: Global, neuronal or β cell-specific deletion of inceptor improves glucose homeostasis in male mice with diet-induced obesity. Nat. Metab. 6, 448-457 (2024)
Jiang, S.* et al.: Inhibition of mammalian mtDNA transcription acts paradoxically to reverse diet-induced hepatosteatosis and obesity. Nat. Metab., 29 (2024)
Khani, S.* et al.: Cold-induced expression of a truncated adenylyl cyclase 3 acts as rheostat to brown fat function. Nat. Metab., DOI: 10.1038/s42255-024-01033-8 (2024)
Klingelhuber, F. et al.: A spatiotemporal proteomic map of human adipogenesis. Nat. Metab., DOI: 10.1038/s42255-024-01025-8 (2024)
Le Thuc, O. & García-Cáceres, C.: Obesity-induced inflammation: Connecting the periphery to the brain. Nat. Metab., DOI: 10.1038/s42255-024-01079-8 (2024)
Pleitez, M.A. & Ntziachristos, V.*: Blood glucose concentration measurement without finger pricking. Nat. Metab. 6, 615–616 (2024)
Sung, A.Y.* et al.: Systematic analysis of NDUFAF6 in complex I assembly and mitochondrial disease. Nat. Metab., DOI: 10.1038/s42255-024-01039-2 (2024)
Uluc, N. et al.: Non-invasive measurements of blood glucose levels by time-gating mid-infrared optoacoustic signals. Nat. Metab. 6, 678-686 (2024)
El, K.* et al.: The incretin co-agonist tirzepatide requires GIPR for hormone secretion from human islets. Nat. Metab. 5, 945-954 (2023)
Glunk, V.* et al.: A non-coding variant linked to metabolic obesity with normal weight affects actin remodelling in subcutaneous adipocytes. Nat. Metab. 5, 861-879 (2023)
González-García, I.* & García-Cáceres, C.: Astrocytic GABA in LHA is an obesity ‘thermostat’. Nat. Metab. 5, 1454-1455 (2023)
Hrovatin, K. et al.: Delineating mouse β-cell identity during lifetime and in diabetes with a single cell atlas. Nat. Metab. 5, 1615-1637 (2023)
Hrovatin, K. & Lickert, H.: An integrated single-cell islet atlas in health and disease. Nat. Metab. 5, 1459-1460 (2023)
Hummel, J. et al.: Brain insulin action on peripheral insulin sensitivity in women depends on menstrual cycle phase. Nat. Metab. 5, 1475-1482 (2023)
Lemmer, I.L. & Bartelt, A.: Brown fat has a sweet tooth. Nat. Metab. 5, 1080-1081 (2023)
Liskiewicz, A. et al.: Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide regulates body weight and food intake via GABAergic neurons in mice. Nat. Metab. 5, 2075–2085 (2023)
Mishima, E. ; Wahida, A. ; Seibt, T. & Conrad, M.: Diverse biological functions of vitamin K: From coagulation to ferroptosis. Nat. Metab. 5, 924-932 (2023)
Nogueiras, R.* ; Nauck, M.A.* & Tschöp, M.H.: Gut hormone co-agonists for the treatment of obesity: From bench to bedside. Nat. Metab. 5, 933-944 (2023)
Sheikh, B. & Feng, Y.X.*: Career pathways, part 12. Nat. Metab. 5, 1642-1645 (2023)